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Official WFG Leverage Course


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WFG requires that all WFG agents take the Official WFG Leverage Course.

Leverage is a simple concept that is understood by very few. Many people believe –incorrectly – that leverage describes the borrowing of money for investment purposes. However, that is only part of the story. Leverage actually describes the additional return received by an investor when money is borrowed to invest. Although this may seem like a subtle difference, in fact it is the entire basis for leverage– not the borrowing but the return.

This course fully explains the concept that underlies leverage, and the relevance of the tax bracket of the leveraged investor, to the investment loan. It also covers what agents need to know to ensure leverage is a suitable strategy for an investor and how KYC is essential to determining that suitability. It also shows how to assess whether a client should use leverage,and the importance of the exit plan.

The Leverage Course is based on MFDA guidelines, combined with WFG policies and procedures. It is essential knowledge for all agents.

Note: CE Credits not applicable for this course.

20-question exam; 75% pass mark required

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