Summary of Continuing Education Course Accreditation for WFG

* Shows 20% discount for WFG associates
Beyond Estate Planning: Using Final Expense Life Insurance to Complete A Safety NetFree2.0 hrs1.0 hr life2.0 hrs2.0 hrs2.0 hrs02.00
Beyond RRSPs$38.364 hrs4 hrs life4 hrs4 hrs4 hrs040
Business Legal Issues$47.965.0 hrs2.0 hrs life;5.0 hrs5.0 hrs5.0 hrs05.00
Client Communication and Education in the Wealth Management Process$38.3604.0 hrs life;4.0 hrs04.0 hrs04.00
Client Legal Issues$115.167.25 hrs5.0 hrs life;
5.0 hrs A&S
7.25.0 hrs7.25 hrs7.25 hrs10 PDUs7.257.0 hrs
Compliance 101$47.965.0 hrs5.0 hrs life;
5.0 hrs A&S;
5.0 hrs5.0 hrs5.0 hrs05.00
Ethical Decision Making$63.964.0 hrs4.0 hrs4.0 hrs4.0 hrs4 PDUs4.04.0 hrs
Financial Goal Counselling$115.168.5 hrs5.0 hrs life8.5 hrs8.5 hrs8.5 hrs 8.56.5 hrs
Financial Planning 1$47.965.0 hrs4.0 hrs life5.0 hrs5.0 hrs5.0 hrs05.00
Financial Planning 2$47.965.0 hrs4.0 hrs life5.0 hrs5.0 hrs5.0 hrs05.00
Household as a Financial Planning Unit$47.965.0 hrs4.0 hrs life5.0 hrs5.0 hrs5.0 hrs05.00
Insurance Issues for the Small Business Owner$47.965.0 hrs3.0 hrs life;
3.0 hrs A&S
5.0 hrs5.0 hrs5.0 hrs05.00
Legal Issues for Financial Planners$76.768.0 hrs4.0 hrs life;
4.0 hrs A&S
8.0 hrs8.0 hrs8.0 hrs08.00
Principes de conformité (French-language version of Principles of Compliance)$191.9612.0 hrs12.0 hrs12.0 hrs12.0 hrs012.010.0 hrs
Principles and Practice of Knowing Your Client$95.966.0 hrs6.0 hrs life6.0 hrs6.0 hrs6.0 hrs06.00
Principles of Compliance$191.9612.0 hrs12.0 hrs12.0 hrs12.0 hrs012.010.0 hrs
Retirement Income Planning$191.9615.0 hrs12.0 hrs life;
1.0 hrs A&S
20.0 hrs20.0 hrs20.0 hrs020.00
Segregated Funds$57.966.0 hrs5.0 hrs life6.0 hrs5.0 hrs6.0 hrs06.00
Tax and Estate Planning Issues$76.768.0 hrs5.0 hrs life8.0 hrs8.0 hrs8.0 hrs08.00

* Shows 20% discount for WFG associates

*** Entry of CE for the same course more than once may be permitted on an exception basis only. If an agent wishes to claim credit for a course more than once, the agent must contact Council for prior approval and provide written reasons. This review is subject to the individual course review fee of $50.
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